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Sixties Project

New Books

These listings are either brand new books, or simply new to our catalog. This page will be updated often, so bookmark it if you want to browse our latest offerings.


Amato, Joe Bookend: Anatomies of a Virtual Self
Freeman, Jo, Victoria Johnson, eds. Waves of Protest: Social Movements of the Sixties
Freeman, Jo., ed. Women: A Feminist Perspective
Jacobs, Ron The Way the Wind Blew : A History of the Weather Underground
Tischler, Barbara Sights on the Sixties
Williams, Tony Hearths of Darkness: The Family in American Horror Films

Fiction and Autobiography

Flynn, Robert A Personal War in Vietnam
Karlin, Wayne Prisoners
Nguyen Huy Thiep The General Retires and Other Stories
Shields, Bill Rosey the Baby Killer and Other Stories
Willson, David REMF Diary: A Novel of the Vietnam War Zone
The REMF Returns


Maggie Jaffe How The West Was One
*A Viet Nam Generation publication. By purchasing this book, you support the Sixties Project.
7th Circle
Quintana, Leroy The Great Whirl of Exile
The History of Home
*A Viet Nam Generation publication. By purchasing this book, you support the Sixties Project.
My Hair Turning Grey
Now and Then, Often, Today
Shields, Bill Human Shrapnel
The Southeast Asian Book of the Dead

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