Nancy Brown, UVA
Molly Gruenzer, UVA
Suzy Lautar, UVA
Joohan Kim, CUA
Petros Zouzoulas, CUA

Sparta's goals for the project.

Create a sense of place with:

-urban and neighborhood centers that are public spaces
-a new urban center at the Metro surrounded by mixed use development to enliven the area and become a true "town center," de-emphasizing the mall
-neighborhood centers ringed by higher density housing and single family housing
-design standards codified to reinforce and unify space use and circulation
-an arrival point along the exit from 795

Heighten the connection to the land with:

-a greenway along the stream that becomes the backbone of the community
-a green space as cross-axis connecting 2 neighborhood centers south of the stream to the new urban center and continuing to the light rail connection
-local history integrated in the greenway

Create a rational pattern of circulation with:

-a clear hierarchy of streets
-streets that are through streets

Weekly Pin-up Pages

Week1 (week of March 27)
Week 2 (week of April 3)
Week 3 (week of April 10)
Week 4 (week of April 17)
Week 5 (week of April 24)
Week 6 (week of May 1)
Week 7 (week of May 8)
Final Design Proposal

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