Visions for a Sustainable City:
Owings Mills, MD

Town Center Urban Design Proposals:

Six student teams were formed from the combined design studios at the University of Virginia and the Catholic University of America. The UVA Students were graduate students of landscape architecture and the CUA students were graduate and undergraduate students of architecture. Each design teams was asked to select a name by which they would be identified; some of these related to the site (the trout teams), some to the personalities involved (Terry's Kids; two of the local land developers are named Terry), some to the process itself(3 Against 1) or personal background(Sparta) and one seemingly at random(Marmots).

Originally formed at the design charrette in Owings Mills, the student design teams continued to collaborate over the course of 8 weeks using a variety of Internet tools including e-mail, ftp, postings on the World Wide Web, and conferences in the IATH MOO. In addition there was one interim review of work that allowed the students to meet and confer in person.

Each team was asked to develop an urban design master plan for the Town Center of Owings Mills that would attempt to address in a comprehensive way the issues described in the Introduction and Background sections. They were asked to provide their own ideas of the correct mixture of landuses and program elements for the proper development of their proposed city.

Final Design Proposals:

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