ACH-ALLC 1999 Poster Sessions, Software Demonstrations, Vendors, and Publishers

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Conference Papers

Location: Newcomb Hall Ballroom
Dates: Thursday, June 10: all day; Friday, June 11: morning only

Poster Sessions
Jean Anderson and Christian Kay, Computing in the School of English at the University of Glasgow (includes demo)
John Paul Ashenfelter, Development and Use of Multimedia Archives and Databases for Humanities Education (includes demo)
Syd Bauman, Julie Desjardins, Erica Dillon, and Julia Flanders, Playing with the Guidelines: Topics in Text Encoding at the Women Writers Project
Helena Britto and Marcelo Finger, Constructing a Parsed Corpus of Historical Portuguese (includes demo)
Lou Burnard, BNC: The World Edition, and the BNC Sampler (includes demo)
Eileen Fitzpatrick and Steve Seegmiller, Fun with Unix Tools
Catherine Goodall, Defining Paragraphs - the basic unit of prose?
Hope Greenberg, We Built It. Can They? Text Encoding and the Humanities Scholar
Hans van Halteren, Renovating a wordclass target: from WOTAN to WOTAN 2
Claus Huitfeldt, Wittgenstein's Nachlass. The Bergen Electronic Edition (includes demo)
S. Mark Lewis, Assessing Faculty-Student Collaboration on Humanities Computing Projects
Lissa Lord, Keeping Our Word: Preserving Information Across the Ages
Nelleke Oostdijk, The Spoken Dutch Corpus Project
Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen and Fiona J. Tweedie, Come into My World: Styles of Stance in Detective and Romantic Fiction
Donna Reiss, Community and Creativity Online: Student-Constructed Webfolios and Webtexts as Learning Spaces in Undergraduate Humanities Classes
Cristina W. Sharretts, Jackie Shieh, and James C. French, Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) at the University of Virginia
Stacy Waters, Humanities Textual Databases Online: The Cases of TACT and FoxPro in the Digital Library
Serge A. Yablonsky, Russian 20th Century Literature Digital Library for Language Teaching
NEH Poster Session
Text Encoding Initiative: The New TEI Consortium
University of Virginia Electronic Centers and Initiatives
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

Software Demonstrations
Harald Baayen and Fiona J. Tweedie, LEXSTATS: A program for the statistical analysis of word frequency distributions
Sonja Cameron, The History Courseware CD-Rom: Core Resources for Historians
Carole E. Mah, The Women Writers Project: Using Dynaweb 4.1 for Online Textbase Delivery
Todd Nicolet, Chris Goodson, and Kirsten Hale, COLLEGIS Network Learning Services
Wilhelm Ott, From the Manuscript to the (Electronic) Edition: Strategies and Tools for Textual Scholarship
David Hill Radcliffe, English Poetry 1579-1830: The Spenserian Tradition in Hypertext

Vendors and Publishers
Alternate Realities Corporation: VisionDome t-410
Apex Data Service
Apple Computer, Inc.
Intelex Corporation
Kinetic Technologies
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Oxford University Press
Project Muse

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