Lutwin's Eva und Adam

Lutwin's Eva und Adam is a poetic adaptation of the Latin Vita Adae et Evae, composed around 1300 in Middle High German. Below are the 29 illustrations that accompany the text in the only known copy of the poem, a mid-fifteenth century manuscript from the National Library of Vienna, Codex Vindob. 2980.

1. The Creation of Heaven and Earth

2. The Creation of Adam

3. The Creation of Eve

4. Adam and Eve are led into Paradise by the Creator

5. The Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve

6. Adam and Eve hide as they are addressed by the Creator

7. The Expulsion of Adam and Eve

8. The Labors of Adam and Eve

9. Adam and Eve deliberate

10. Eve's Penance in the Tigris

11. Adam's Penance in the Jordan

12. The Second Temptation and fall of Eve.

13. The Second Temptation of Adam

14. And Adam knew Eve. . .

15. Adam and Eve part

16. Eve prays to the Sun

17. Eve admires her first-born Son

18. An Angel teaches Adam to cultivate the land

19. Cain murders Abel

20. Adam is brought before the Creator in Paradise

21. Adam addresses Seth, Eve and other children from his death-bed

22. Seth and Eve confront the Devil on the quest for the Oil of Mercy

23. Seth listens to Michael's prophecy

24. Seth shows the dying Adam the branch from the Tree of Knowledge

25. Eve laments over the corpse of Adam

26. Adam is mourned by Eve and Seth

27. Eve addresses her children from her death-bed.

28. The sons of Adam see the growth of the holy rood from their parents' grave

29. Noah sends out the dove


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