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Description: revetment of white marble, inscribed on front and back, with plinths at top and bottom of upper portion; broken on both left and right sides

0.62 m (total height), 0.48 m (height between plinths), 1.03 m (width), 0.18 m (depth), 0.02 m (depth of plinths)

Create Date: 250-200 BC (de Ridder), 197-188 BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Orkhomenos(no later than 1895)(Note: found reused in Tomb 19 of French excavations)

Original Location: Orkhomenos

Current Location: Orkhomenos

Bibliography: A. de Ridder"Fouilles d'Orchomène" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique19(1895)161-642

( . . . being archon, (being priest Nikon the son of Philomeilos ), (being hierarchs
. . . ...nos, Thion the son of Arkhelaos ) ). God. Good fortune. Oloumpikhos
. . . being present, Souros and Eutoukhida and Dionousia and Paramona
and Menophilos dedicate to Asklapios to be consecrated, so that no one Menophilos
and Dionousia and Paramona might reduce to slavery. But if someone should reduce them to slavery
or lay hold of them, let them take care, the priest of Asklapios, the one for the time being,
and the polemarchs, both to fine and to deprive the enslavers
and let the authority also be, of others, whoever is willing, not being liable to account. Let them be accustomed,
Paramona and Dionousia EI . . . NPO . . . on behalf of themselves, also an advocate to bring in, whomever they might wi sh.