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Description: quadrangular stele of grayish stone, inscribed on front (IG VII.3301-3305) and left face (IG VII.3306-3307)

0.70 m (height), 0.45 m (width), 0.20 m (depth)

Create Date: 200-150 BC (Larfeld), beginning of 2nd c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Khaironeia (Kaprouna, Kapraina), built into foundations of house in NE of village, near/along carriage road(1871)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(Note: cat. #65)

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; P. Stamatakis"Epigraphai Boiotias anekdotoi" in Athenaion9(1881)353-54b'1; G. N. Chatzidakis"Kritikai paratereseis eis tas ek Boiotias epigraphas, tas en to e' teukhei tou th' tomou demosieutheisas" in Athenaion10(1882)81-83; W. Larfeld(1883)Berlin4753d(A); H. Collitz et aliiSammlung der griechischen Dialekt-InschriftenI(1884-1915)Göttingen149383

God. Good fortune. ( ( Menebolos being archon), in the month of (Homoloios) ), Xenophan tos
. . . dedicates the slave-boy born to him from the house-born slave
. . ., whose name is Damatrios, as consecrated to Sarapis, he ma king
the dedication through the council according to the law, being in agreement his sons
. . ., Ariston, Xenophantos.