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Description: large stone

0.30 m (height), 1.04 m (width), 0.51 m (depth)

Create Date: after 165 BC (Pappadakis)

Discovery: Erateine(1919)(Note: exposed in riverbed west of town)

Original Location: Phaistinos(Note: sanctuary of Apollo)

Current Location: Thebes(Note: in museum?)

Bibliography: N. G. Pappadakis"B' Arkhaiologike Periphereia: Ieron Apollonos "en Phaistino"" in Arkhaiologikon Deltion6(1920)149-501

( (Being agonothete Lykon of Physkos ), in (month seven) (on the fifte
enth) ), through the lawful assembly of the city of the Euantheians, he handed over, Eurytimos of Euantheia,
being in agreement as well his daughter Kleonika, to Apollon in Phaistinos
a slave, a woman, whose name is Eutykhis, for freedom at a price in silver of five minas. Guarantors
according to the law: Khairesilaos the son of Khairelaos ; over the contract they watch, Dioitas and Kallidamos, the archo ns.
Witnesses: the citizens.