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Description: large stone

0.30 m (height), 1.04 m (width), 0.51 m (depth)

Create Date: after 165 BC (Pappadakis)

Discovery: Erateine(1919)(Note: exposed in riverbed west of town)

Original Location: Phaistinos(Note: sanctuary of Apollo)

Current Location: Thebes(Note: in museum?)

Bibliography: N. G. Pappadakis"B' Arkhaiologike Periphereia: Ieron Apollonos "en Phaistino"" in Arkhaiologikon Deltion6(1920)149-502

( (Being agonothete Kallikrates the son of Antigenidas , of Physkos ), in (month sev en )
(on the thirtieth) ), he handed over, Eurytimos of Oiantheia, being in agreement as well his mother
Kleonika, to Apollon in Phaistinos a slave, a woman, whose name is
Euphrosyna, for freedom at a price in silver of five minas. Guarantors according to the
law: Dorotheos the son of Polemarkhos ; over the contract watch the archons, Damoxe
... . . . ...odotos. Witnesses: the citizens.