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Description: round altar of greyish marble, decorated with three deer's heads linked by garlands

1.10 m (height), 0.60 m (diameter)

Create Date: 250-200 BC (Larfeld), 197-188 BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Skripou(no later than 1867)(Note: in forecourt of monastery of Panagia Theotokos)

Original Location: Orkhomenos

Current Location: Skripou(July 25, 1995)(Note: same location)

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; H. Collitz et aliiSammlung der griechischen Dialekt-InschriftenI(1884-1915)Göttingen395499a; B. Latichew"Nouveaux actes d'affranchisement à Chéroneée et à Orchomène" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique8(1884)745

( ( Apollonidas being archon), (being priest Antigenes
the son of Soukrateis ), (being hierarchs Sosibios the son of Pouthilles , Ageisinikos
the son of Soukrateis ) ); they dedicate, Damatrikhos the son of Damoklidas and Hippare
ta the daughter of Philoxenos and Damoklidas and Philoxenos and Timokrat es
and ...mia the daughter of Damatrikhos, their own house-slaves Souros
and Sour ina to be consecrated to Sarapis and Isis, and
let it not be possible for anyone to lay hold of or red
uce to slavery . . . ONA. But if
someone should lay hold of them, let the auth ority be the priest and the hi
erarchs and the members of the coun cil depriving and fin