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Description: stele of grey-white stone, broken at top and bottom, tapering towards top, back unworked. A first inscription, taking up the top 14 cm of hte front face, is effaced but for ~7 letters.

0.505 m (height), 0.35 m (width near bottom), 0.13 m (depth)

Create Date: 2nd c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Khaironeia (Kaprouna, Kapraina)(no later than 1892)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(22 July 1995)(Note: cat. #64)

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae

( (Being archon Euemeros the son of Lysimakhos ), (being p
riest Markos Marios ) ), he the sacred liknon
carried, Satyros the son of Paramonos .
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