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Description: 3 fragments

Create Date: end of 3rd c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Agios Giorgios(no later than 1845)(Note: built into various walls)

Original Location: Koroneia

Current Location: unknown(Note: destroyed?)

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; K. Pittakis in Ephemeris Arkhaiologike2405; L. Rossfasc. 1(1834-1845)Nafplion3886; Curtius(1843)Berlin21; K. Keil(1847)Leipzig88XXI; P. Lebas and P. FoucartII: Inscriptiones grecques et latines (Grèce, Iles)(18xx)Paris666; R. Dareste, B. Haussoullier, and T. ReinachRecueil d'inscriptions juridiques grecques(1892-1904)Paris2396

( ( Kleon being archo n ), ( being priest of Serapis . . .
the son of Ophelandros ) ), Ani ketos . . . and his wife
Dionysia the daughter of Eumelos dedicate their own slave
Dionysios as consecrated to Serapis and Eisis and Anoubis
as consecrated. Let him rema in with them so long as they live, and on this condition
let him be fr ee, not belongi ng to anyone in any way.
But if someone forces him into slaver y, let him pay as
penalty drachmas, one thousand, consecrated t o Serapis ; let them deprive
him, the priest an d, of others, whoever happens to be present.
Witnesses: . . . ...makhos, Da... . . .
. . . ...andros the son of X...