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Description: 4 fragments of base or quadrangular altar of greyish marble

0.21 m (height), 0.12 m (width), 0.11 m (depth)

Create Date: beginning of 2nd c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Khaironeia (Kaprouna, Kapraina)(1881)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(unknown)

(Note: Khaironeia museum cat. #232)
Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; B. Latichew"Nouveaux actes d'affranchisement à Chéroneée et à Orchomène" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique8(1884)627

( ( Krato n being archon ), in the month of . . . )
Diophan eis . . . dedicates his own slaves . . .
as consecrated to Sarapis , he making the dedication
through t he council according to the law.