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Description: plaque-like orthogonal piece, inscribed on narrow face; corner from altar? (Pappadakis)

0.86 m (height), 0.26 m (width), 0.78 m (depth)

Create Date: 2d c. AD (Pappadakis)

Discovery: Thisbe (Kakoziou)(no later than 1916)(Note: belfry of Agios Kharalampos)

Original Location: Thisbe

Current Location: Thebes museum(Note: #2294)

Bibliography: N. G. Pappadakis"Peri to Kharopeion tes Koroneias" in Arkhaiologikon Deltion2(1916)2622pl. 9

I, Soterikhos the son of Soton ,
have set free Eu
karpos, him having
remained with me
and m y wife
Philippa. And let him
be fre e,
to no one belon
ging in a
ny manner.
I, Thais the daughter of Paramon os ,
have set free He
to no one belon g
ing in an
y way, (bein g
Noublios ).