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Description: white marble fragment, part of right edge surviving

Create Date: end of 3rd c BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Thespiai (Erimokastro)(no later than 1885)

Original Location: Thespiai

Current Location: Thespiai museum

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; P. Foucart"Inscriptions de Béotie, 3" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique9(1885)42128; W. Dittenberger"Boeotische Inschriften" in Hermes21(1886)633-34

. . . so long as he lives, and
let the authority be Etho
n over Apollodora so l ong
as he l ives. When
should die Ethon, le
t be free A p
ollodora and un h
armed, and let her choos e
as her advocate Apo
llodora , whomever she wishes.