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Description: base or altar of dark grey and white stone, moldings at top and bottom; back and left face unfinished, top smoothed with four clamp cuttings. Guidelines for inscriptions 3322-3328

0.765 m (height), 0.635 m (width), 0.395 m (max. depth)0.007-0.008 m

Create Date: 200-150 BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Khaironeia (Kaprouna, Kapraina)(no later than 1455)(Note: in wall of church of Panagia)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(18 July 1995)(Note: cat. #90)

(Note: on molding, top right side of front)
Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; CyriacusXXXIII220(Note: conflation of last line of 3321 with first few lines of 3322; edited in Muratorius and in Corsinus); L. MuratoriusII(1739-40)MilanDXCI5(Note: edition of Cyriacus p.XXXIII #220); CorsinusII443(Note: edition of Cyriacus p.XXXIII #220); DorvilleIII155-?; Meletius(1807)341; J. Hobhouse, Baron Broughton2(1817)Philadelphia409(Note: reprints Meletius' transcriptions); O. Müller(18xx)475(Note: ed. 1); Hughes(18xx)340; A. BoeckhCorpus inscriptionum GraecarumI(1828-77)Berlin1608a; P. Lebas and P. FoucartII: Inscriptiones grecques et latines (Grèce, Iles)(18xx)Paris797; B. Latischew"Die Festzeit der Pamboiotien" in Mitteilungen des deutschen archäologischen Instituts, Athenische Abteilung7(1882)32, n.1(October 1995)Peter J. Kastor(Note: Image manipulated with XV color editor)(October 1995)Peter J. Kastor(Note: Image manipulated with XV color editor)

( (Being archon Zoilos the son of Euandros ), in the month of (Panboiotios) (on the thirtieth) ), Onesimo s the son of Simias and
Parthena the daughter of Andronikos release their own slave Hermaia as free and consecrated to Sarapis,
her having remained with Parthena so long as she lives, without complaint, not belonging to anyone
in any way, they making the dedication through the
council according to the law.