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Description: fragment of "leucophaeus" (IG desc.) stone

Create Date: 1st c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Lebadeia(no later than 1892)(Note: built into church of Panagia Eleusa)

Original Location: Lebadeia

Current Location: Lebadeia?(unknown)(Note: same location?)

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; L.A. Turner(1994)Diss., Univ. of Pennsylvania156271

. . . Nika... but if
someone should lay claim to A risto kis or otherwise wro
ng her, let them act as a dvoc ate,
the priests and the hierarchs who are f or the time in
authority and anyone else who is willing, on behalf of A ri stokis .
Witnesses: . . . and Agesilaos the sons of K..., . . .
. . . the son of ...asos, Sokrat eis
the son of . . ., Krinolaos the son of Pheidom eles .