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Description: large rectangular block of white limestone, inscribed on front and right face; top and bottom smoothed or finished; front, right and left faces finished; back unfinished

1.155 m (height), 0.195 m (width), 0.16 m (depth)0.007-0.01 m

Create Date: end of 3rd-first quarter of 2d c. BC

Discovery: Khaironeia(1952)(Note: along road leading south out of town)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(July 1995)(Note: in yard)

(Note: on right face, starts 0.01 m from top)
Bibliography: P. Roesch and J. M. Fossey"Neuf actes d'affranchisement de Chéronée" in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik29(1978)129-3169,6(Note: provides French translation); Teiresias; Bulletin épigraphique; H. Gallet de Santerre et al."Chronique des fouilles en 1952" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique77(1953)219; "Archaeological report" in Journal of Hellenic Studies(1953)120; L. Darmezin"Quelques problèmes relatifs à l'affranchissement en Béotie"(1985)Paris327-28, 331(Note: provides French translation); D. Knoepfler"L'inititulé oublié d'un compte des naopes béotiens"(1988)270 n.19; J. M. Fossey(1991)Amsterdam137-55drawing, p.120(Note: addenda)

God. G ood fort
une. ( ( ( Automenes
being archon) for the sec
ond time), in the month of (Bou
katios) (on the fifte
enth) ), Mnason the son of Me
nekleis and Kallis
the daughter of Telon dedic
ate their own house-born
slaves, them having remain
ed with th em so long as they l
ive, t hem having
carried out their duti
es to ther best of their abil
ity, Zopoura to Arta
mis Elithia, Prosta
teiris to the Great
Mother. And when they
tend their personal divinity,
Mnason and Kallis,
they will do the things p
rescribed for the afore
mentioned, which the city
prescribes, in common; but
if they should wish ind
ividually to do them, let
it be possible; they ma
king the dedication throu
gh the council according to
the law.