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Description: base of whitish stone, broken off at top of left and right edges; garland running around front and sides, amphoras (?) on sides (removed when base was re-used in an early church); back decorated with Christian symbols

0.67 m (height), O.50 m (width), 0.40-0.42 m (depth)0.02 m

Create Date: 2d c. AD

Discovery: Thespiai(1970)

Original Location: Thespiai

Current Location: Thebes museum

Bibliography: S. Koumanoudes"Loukios Oueiboullios Spanios" in Arkhaiologika analekta ex Athenon(1970)102-105; G. Daux"Notes de lecture" in Bulletin de correspondance hellénique97(1973)241-43fig. 1

L Oueiboullios Spanios and his w i
fe Loukia Oueiboullia Polleita n, of L
Oueiboullios the freedmen, to Eisis a nd
Serapis. Both in the city of Thespi
ai and in the village of Hylaeis the
statue of Eisis, the statue of Harphokrates,
the pedestal, the door,
the altar, the balu
strade, they dedicated,
the council having