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Description: large rectangular block of white limestone, inscribed on front and right face; top and bottom smoothed or finished; front, right and left faces finished; back unfinished

1.155 m (height), 0.195 m (width), 0.16 m (depth)0.007-0.008 m

Create Date: end of 3rd-first quarter of 2d c. BC

Discovery: Khaironeia(1952)(Note: along road leading south out of town)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(July 1995)(Note: in yard)

(Note: on front, directly below SEG 28 (1978) 447)
Bibliography: P. Roesch and J. M. Fossey"Neuf actes d'affranchisement de Chéronée" in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik29(1978)127-2958,4-5 (together with p.126-27, #4)(Note: provides French translation); Teiresias; Bulletin épigraphique; H. Gallet de Santerre et al."Chronique des fouilles en 1952" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique77(1953)219; "Archaeological report" in Journal of Hellenic Studies(1953)120; J. M. Fossey(1991)Amsterdam137-55drawing, p.120(Note: addenda)

God. Good fortune. ( ( K allikles
being archon), in the month of (Theilouthios) ), Dio
kleis the son of Pourrinas dedicates his o
wn house-born slaves Parthena and Herma i
a to Artamis Elithia, them having
remained, well-disposed, epi . . . iasas and en
diouosas with Diou kleis so long as he live s,
he making the dedication through the co un
cil. It came into force, (of ( Panamos ), ( on the tenth) ).