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Description: white marble stele; surface worn

0.58 m (height), 0.33 m (width), 0.12 m (height)

Create Date: no earlier than 2nd c. BC (Vollgraff), end of 3rd c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Thespiai (Erimokastro)(no later than 1901)

Original Location: Thespiai

Current Location: Thebes museum(Note: #1208)

Bibliography: W. Vollgraff"Inscriptions de Béotie" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique25(1901)359-611; R. Dareste, B. Haussoullier, and T. ReinachRecueil d'inscriptions juridiques grecques(1892-1904)Paris29228bis; N. G. Pappadakis"Peri to Kharopeion tes Koroneias" in Arkhaiologikon Deltion2(1916)260-61

Kallippos to Asklapios. ( Xenon
being archon), he releases, Kallippos,
Philonidas as free in the presence
of Asklapios. Let him remain,
Philonidas, with Kallipp os
so long as he lives, Kallippos. Whoever should wr
ong Philonidas contrary to what Kallipp
os has on the stele written, to Askl
apios and the other gods he will pay the penalty,
and let him not belong, Philonidas, of Kal l
ippos' descendants, to anyone, and let Philonidas,
just as he has sworn to Asklapios,
abide by the oaths. Philonid a
s, when he leaves, as a free man
let him leave, taking the tools,
those of his work. He will give
also to Persis one hundred drachma s.
Witnesses: Asklapios, Pith theus
the son of Aristokrates , Kapion the son of Kalli st
ratos , Lakoon the son of Krates , Diony
sios the son of Kallias , Kallias the son of Kleon ,
Sokrateis the son of Damenetos .