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Description: fragment of "leucophaeus" (IG desc.) stone

Create Date: 1st c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Lebadeia(no later than 1892)(Note: built into church of Panagia Eleusa)

Original Location: Lebadeia

Current Location: Lebadeia?(unknown)(Note: same location?)

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; L.A. Turner(1994)Diss., Univ. of Pennsylvania155-6270

Aristokis . . ., being present for her her husband Ki... . . .
. . . dedicated her own slave-b oy
Sokrateis , him having remained with Ki... and Aristokis, th e entire
time, consecrated, according to the dedication, to Zeus Ba sileus .
Let him be not liable to enslavement and free, not belo nging
to anyone in any way. But if someone should lay claim to Sokr ateis
or otherwise wrong him, let them act as advocate and co me
forward on his behalf, the priests and the hierarchs, those for the time being,
and Ki... himself, who is not liable to action. Witnesses: . . .
. . ., Theoxenos the son of Panton , Zoil os the son of . . .