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Description: slab or stele of dark grey-blue stone (mottled white and yellow), partially covered by cement

0.50 m (height), 0.16 m (width at top), 0.275 m (width at bottom)0.012-0.016 m (height of characters), 0.01 m (depth of characters), 0.005 m (between lines)

Create Date: 250-200 BC (Roesch and Fossey)

Discovery: Agios Dimitrios(no later than 1978)(Note: built into s. wall of Agios Giorgios)

Original Location: Koroneia(Note: Kharopeion)

Current Location: Koroneia(July 1995)(Note: same location)

Bibliography: P. Roesch and J. M. Fossey"Un acte d'affranchisement de Coronée en Béotie" in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik29(1978)138-41Xa(Note: provides French translation); Bulletin épigraphique; Teiresias; J. M. Fossey(1991)Amsterdam161-6444(Note: addenda and larger picture)

God. G ood fortune.
( ( Pouthinas being arch on ),
in the month of (Thiouios) ), they d edica
te, Daikratidas the son of Apol
lonidas and Kall ikrita
the daughter of Dorkeidas , Polou kri
ta and Ath...a...
to Herakleis Khar ops ,
them having remained so long
as they live, Daikratid as
and Kallikrita, in good wi ll.
Joining in the releasing as fr
ee . . . Mnasareta, Thio
mnastos, Sauxenos,
Athanodora, Thido ros .