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Description: quadrangular base or small altar of grey marble; IG VII.3375-3376 on front, 3377 on right face

0.475 m (height incl. moldings), 0.33 m (height excl. moldings), 0.32 m (width), 0.27 m (depth)0.011 m

Create Date: 200-150 BC (Larfeld), beginning of 2nd c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Khaironeia (Kaprouna, Kapraina), built into foundations of house in NE of village, near/along carriage road(1871)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(21 July 1995)(Note: cat. #67)

Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; P. Stamatakis"Epigraphai Boiotias anekdotoi" in Athenaion9(1881)319-20; R. Dareste, B. Haussoullier, and T. ReinachRecueil d'inscriptions juridiques grecques(1892-1904)Paris2407; C. Michel(1900)Brussels924-251396; J. M. Fossey(1991)Amsterdampl. 43(October 1995)Peter J. Kastor(Note: Image manipulated with XV color editor)

( (Being archon in Khaironeia Ariston ),
in the month of (Agrionios) (on the fifteenth) ), Theon the son of Theomnestos , of Phanatis, dedica
ted in Khaironeia as consecrated to Sarapis h
is own house-born slave whom he held as house-born, whose na
me is Soson, he making the dedication
through the the council according to the law of the Khai
roneians. And let him pay off, Soson, the
contribution-loan, which Theon gathered in Phanatis,
the account in the name of Theon, until to an end co
mes the contribution-loan. As to the house, of which he holds the pos
session, Armeas the son of Ariston , of Phanatis, en
trusted with it by Soson, let him pay o
ff, Soson, the loan on it, and let him
order him to hand over t the purchase price of the house,
Armeas to Theon. Witnesses: Ariston the son of Armeas ,
Eudamos and Ekhekrates the sons of Euphanes, of Phanatis,
Eraton the son of Aminios , Antigon the son of Aristogeiton ,
Pyrrinas the son of Homoloikhos , of Khaironeia.