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Description: white marble stele

0.64 m (height), 0.34 m (width), 0.125 m (depth)0.012 m

Create Date: end of 3rd c. BC (Albrecht)

Discovery: Thespiai (Erimokastro)(no later than 1901)

Original Location: Thespiai

Current Location: Thebes museum(Note: #1209)

Bibliography: W. Vollgraff"Inscriptions de Béotie" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique25(1901)361-632; Meister in LpzBer57281-83; R. Dareste, B. Haussoullier, and T. ReinachRecueil d'inscriptions juridiques grecques(1892-1904)Paris294; E. Schwyzer(1923)Leipzig244491; A. Schachter2(1986)35(Note: on date)

God. Good
fortune. She releases,
Aristodama, according to
the command of
her son Ageas,
Soros as free,
when she should die,
Aristodama. Let
him garland,
Soros, her monu
ment during the (Panamia)
and during the (Thoua) and
during the (Herakleia), and
let him make libations
every othe r year.
Superintendents I leave bebeh i
nd, the ones my son Ageas also
left in his will. Wit
ness: Asklapios.