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Description: architectural piece (parastade?) of dark grey-blue stone with white and yellow flecks, inscribed on lateral faces (C, D), recesses carved at three corners (right C, right D, left D) broken into two pieces (mended break on lower half)

upper half: .69 m (preserved height), 0.28 m (width), 0.39 m (depth); lower half: .785 m (preserved height), 0.32 m (width), 0.50 m (depth)0.01-0.018 m

Create Date: h', th', i': 100-50 BC (Pappadakis, Albrecht), before 171 BC (Schachter)

Discovery: Thebes?(no later than 1902)

Original Location: Koroneia(Note: Kharopeion)

Current Location: Thebes museum(Note: inv. #1905-05B)

Bibliography: N. G. Pappadakis"Peri to Kharopeion tes Koroneias" in Arkhaiologikon Deltion2(1916)217C(Note: three manumissions (h', th', i')); A. Schachter2(1986)7-8 n.3(Note: on date)

. . . him having remained with . . . and
. . ., s o long as they
live, without compl
aint, to be
free. But if
someone should reduce
to slave ry Prosta
teiros, let her serve as protector
for him, the priestess.
Drachmas, one hundred,
each month.
God. Good
fortune. ( ( Pasi
on being arch
o n ), in the month
of (Pamboi
otios) ), Proxe
nos the son of Kallikri
tos dedica
tes his own
A gathon to
Kh arops Her
akleis , to be conse
crated and fr
ee. And let not
red uce to slavery
anyone. But if no t,
let the authority b e,
depriving him, the pri
estess and, of the Boiot
ians, whoever is wil
ling. Wit
nesses: Onasi
mos the son of Dexon ,
Sokleis the son of Le
ukidas , Mna
son the son of Aristod
amos , Aristod
amos the son of Mnason .
God. Go od fo
rtune. ( ( Astioukles being arch
on), in the month of (Hippod
romios) ), Damon the son of Apol
odoros and Mnasis the daughter of Ap ol
odoros dedica te
their own serv a
nt Hermaia to Khar ops
Herakleis , to be consecrate d
and free, her having
r emained with Damo n
and Mnasis doin g,
Hermaia, all she is comma nde
d. When they should die,
Damon and Mnasis,
let her depart, Hermaia, not be
longing to anyone in any way.
But if someone should reduce her to slave
ry, let the authority be both the priest
ess of Kharops Herakle
is and whoever else is willing, of the Bo
iotians, not being liable to action
or fine. But the one ensl
aving, let him b e held
liable for sa crilege.
Witnesses: Kalli
ppos the son of Kall
iklid as , Ale
xio n the son of Philot
as , Ep ikhar
eis the son of Kaphis
odoros ,
ton the son of Thion .
Of the envoys, wi tnesses . . .