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Description: large rectangular block of white limestone, inscribed on front and right face; top and bottom smoothed or finished; front, right and left faces finished; back unfinished

1.155 m (height), 0.195 m (width), 0.16 m (depth)0.006-0.007 m

Create Date: end of 3rd-first quarter of 2d c. BC

Discovery: Khaironeia(1952)(Note: along road leading south out of town)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(July 1995)(Note: in yard)

(Note: on front, below SEG 28 (1978) 446 (gap of 0.025 m))
Bibliography: P. Roesch and J. M. Fossey"Neuf actes d'affranchisement de Chéronée" in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik29(1978)126-2748,4-5 (together with p.127-29, #5)(Note: provides French translation); Teiresias; Bulletin épigraphique; H. Gallet de Santerre et al."Chronique des fouilles en 1952" in Bulletin de correspondance Hellénique77(1953)219; "Archaeological report" in Journal of Hellenic Studies(1953)120; J. M. Fossey(1991)Amsterdam137-55drawing, p.120(Note: addenda)

God. Good fortune. ( ( Mnasige
neis ) being archon, in the month of (Hermaios) ), Me
nekleis the son of Dionousodoros and Biott is
the daughter of Mnason dedicate their ow n
house-born slave Parthena as consecrated to Ar ta
mis Elithia, being in agreement with t h
em as well their son Mnason , her havin g
remained with them for ten years, unti l
the dedication comes into effect. But if they
should suffer anythin g, Menekleis and Biot
tis, before she has remained with them, Par
thena, for the prescribed per
iod, let her remai n, Parthena, for the
remaining years with Telia t
he daughter of Menekleis ,
she making the dedication through the
council according to the law.