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Description: fragments of a base or quadrangular altar of dark grey-blue stone; decorated with olive branches and heads of deer, joined by garlands; IG VII.3356-3365 on front, 3366-3372 on right face, 3373-3374 on left face

fragments a-b: 0.465 m (height), 0.87 m (width), 0.455 m (depth); fragment c: missing; fragment d: 0.51 m (height), 0.60 m (width), 0.38 m (depth); fragment e: 0.68 m (height), 0.165-0.272 m (width), 0.32 m (max. depth)0.008 m

Create Date: 200-150 BC (Larfeld, Albrecht)

Discovery: Khaironeia (Kaprouna, Kapraina), built into foundations of house in NE of village, near/along carriage road(1871)

Original Location: Khaironeia

Current Location: Khaironeia museum(23 July 1995)(Note: cat. #123)

(Note: on fragment b, below IG VII.3371)
Bibliography: Inscriptiones Graecae; P. Stamatakis"Epigraphai Boiotias anekdotoi" in Athenaion9(1881)356-59d'2.4; D.M. Schaps"A disputed slave in Boeotia" in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik20(1976)63-64(Note: provides English translation)(October 1995)Peter J. Kastor(Note: Image manipulated with XV color editor)

( (Being archon Dioklidas ), in the month of (Dama
trios) (on the thirtieth) ), Aristo the daughter of Kallikrates ,
being present for her her husband Euandros
the son of Timogiton , and Kallikrates, Simias,
and Kephisodoros the sons of Simias, being present for them
their father Simias, submit a document to
the archons through the council, that they are in agreem
ent with the dedication, which he made, Philoxenos the son of Philoxenos , of Orkho
menos, for Ptolemaios, (in the year in which Euboulos was archon).