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Description: architectural piece (parastade?) of "Granitsa" or "Lebadeia" marble (dark grey-blue stone), inscribed on lateral faces (A, B), recesses carved at three corners (right A, right B, left B)

1.50 m (height), 0.48 m (width), 0.30 m (depth)

Create Date: e': 100-50 BC (Pappadakis), end of 2d c. BC (Albrecht), before 171 BC (Schachter); w': 1st c. AD? (Pappadakis), end of 2d c. BC (Albrecht), before 171 BC (Schachter); z': 100-50 BC (Pappadakis), end of 2d c. BC (Albrecht), shortly after 171 BC (Schachter)

Discovery: Koroneia(no later than 1916)(Note: in wall between doors of sanctuary in deserted chapel of Agia Paraskeue, northeast of ancient Koroneia, between Soulenariou and Koutomoula)

Original Location: Koroneia(Note: Kharopeion)

Current Location: Koroneia?(Note: same location?)

Bibliography: N. G. Pappadakis"Peri to Kharopeion tes Koroneias" in Arkhaiologikon Deltion2(1916)217B(Note: three manumissions (e', w', z')); A. Schachter2(1986)7-8 n.3(Note: on date)

. . . not belonging, of the heirs
. . .
to anyone. No r let reduce
to slavery So
teiris anyo ne. But
if someone should redu ce her to
slavery, let the au thority
be both the p ri estess of
Kharops Herakle
is , depriving him, and who
ever else is will ing
of the Koroneians an d the Boio
tians, on the grounds that consecrated is
Soteiris, an d
free. The one
en slaving, let him be
held liable for sacri
lege. Witnesse s: Ale
xion the son of Philotas , P outhi
nas the son of Philon , Ph ilon
the son of Pouthinas , Ni kon the son of Phi
lotas .
God. Good for
tune. ( ( Mikoulos being arc
hon), in the month of (Al alko
menios) ), Philoxen os the son of
Asklapiodoros and Para
mona the daughter of Asklapi odoros
dedicate their own
servant Homolois
and the children from h er,
all of them, to Kharop s He
rakleis to be free,
her having remained with Pa ramo
na, so long as she lives, wit hout compl
aint. Nor let lay c laim to
Homolois anyone n or
reduce her to slave ry in
any manne r. But if
not, let deprive him both the pri
estess and, of the Boiotians, whoever is wil
ling. She will suppor t, Ho
molois, Para mo
na, and when she should
d ie, Paramona, she will do
the customary thing s,
all of them. Witnesse s: Phi
lon the son of Pouthinas , Thio
zotos the son of Philon ,
Olioumpikhos and Eu
bolos the sons of Philoxe nos .
God. Good for
tune. ( ( Potam on
being archon), in the mo nth of
(Thiouios) (on the twe nty-si
xth) ), Askla pion
the son of Stroton d edi
cates his ow n hou
se-slave Sot eiridas
to be consecrated and
free from t his
day, not l iable
to seizure. Bu t if someone
should lay hol d of him, let the auth
ority be both the prie stess,
depriving him, and, of th e ot
hers, whoever is willi ng,
not being liable to action, and if
someone should lay hol d of him or
reduce him to slave ry, he
will pay back to Soteirid as , in Attic
silver, dr achmas,
one thousand. Witne sses:
Eubolos the son of Philox enos ,
Pouthodoros the son of St roton ,
Hermon the son of Mn ason ,
Agathokl es the son of
Empedon .