UVA Catalog of Jefferson's Drawings

N4a - Unidentified house

N46 - Sketches of Monticello I

N47 - Monticello I

N188 - Architrave, Monticello Dining Room

N255 - Poplar Forest, Bedford County, Virginia (under construction)

N281 - Governor's House, Richmond, Virginia

N282 - Governor's House, Richmond, Virginia

N300 - University of Virginia, 1817 Plan of the Lawn

N305d - Jefferson's Second Plan for the West Range

N306 - Jefferson's First Plan for the West Range

N307 - Pavilion VII Doric Arcade

N308 - Plan of the Lawn with Rotunda (under construction)

N309 - Albemarle Academy - Jefferson's 1814 Plan

N310 - Thornton's Two Story Building

N311 - Pavilion VII, University of Virginia

N314 - Dinsmore's Survey of the Lawn 1817

N315 - Comparative Study of Garden Walls

N316 - Pavilion III, University of Virignia

N318 - Specifications Book for University of Virginia

N321 - Pavilion II, University of Virginia

N322 - Pavilion IV, University of Virginia

N324 - Pavilion VI, University of Virginia

N325 - Pavilion VIII, University of Virginia

N326a - Carpenter's copy of Pavilion X, University of Virginia

N328 - Southern Facade of Rotunda

N329 - Lateral section of the Rotunda

N330 - First Floor Plan of Rotunda

N331 - University of Virginia, Rotunda (under construction)

N332 - Dome Detail, University of Virginia Library (Rotunda)

N333 - University of Virginia, Rotunda (sketch)

N335 - Perspective of Academical Village Lawn and Ranges

N337 - Neilson's Pavilion VIII -- Plate 1

N338 - Neilson's Hotel A (Hotel B) -- Plate 2

N339 - Neilson's Hotel B (Hotel A) -- Plate 3

N340 - Neilson's Hotel C (Hotel D) -- Plate 4

N342 - Neilson's Hotel E (Hotel F) -- Plate 6

N343 - Neilson's Hotel F (Hotel E) -- Plate 7

N345 - Neilson's Pavilion II -- Plate 9

N346 - Neilson's Pavilion IV -- Plate 10

N347 - Neilson's Plans of Pavilions I and II -- Plate 11

N348 - Neilson's Pavilion V - Plate 12

N349 - Neilson's Pavilion VI - Plate 13

N350 - Neilson's Plan of Poplar Forest, Bedford County, Virginia

N351 - Neilson's South Facade of Poplar Forest

N351-a-b - North facade and Plan of Bremo, Fluvanna County, VA by Neilson

N352 - (under construction)

N353 - Neilson's Pavilion X

N354 - Neilson's View of Pavilions IX and X with the Rotunda

N355 - Pavilion I, University of Virginia

N356 - Pavilion V, University of Virginia

N357 - Pavilion IX, University of Virginia

N361 - Study for Hotel C, University of Virginia

N362 - Study for Hotel D, University of Virginia

N363 - Study for Hotel F, University of Virginia

N364 - Study for Anatomical Theatre Floor Plan

N365 - Anatomical Theatre Elevation, Plans and Section

N366 - Study for the Lawn with Pavilions and Rotunda

N367 - Dormitory Section Study

N368 - Elevation of Gymnasium Arcade

N369 - Third Study for West Range Gardens, Alleys, Hotels and Dormitories

N370 - "Railing of Terrasses"

N371 - University of Virginia, Rotunda Clock (under construction)

N372 - Study of Tuscan Order for Colonnade

N373 - Dinsmore's Notes and Measurements

N374 - Dormitory Study -- Elevation and Three Floor Plans

N376 - Study for Two Story Dormitory

N377 - Study for Dormitory

N378 - Map Symbols and Unidentifiable Plan

N379 - Description of a Joint or Splice

N380 - Study for Observatory

N382 - Study for Maverick Plan (under construction)

N383 - Maverick Plan (under construction)

N384 - Maverick Plan (1822) (under construction)

N385 - Maverick Plan

N409 - Study for Rotunda-plan House

N412 - Robert Mills' Plan for a Rotunda House

N413 - A Rotunda House

N433 - Jefferson's Recipe for Algerine Cement

N435 - A church with Tuscan portico

N436 - Design for a Desk

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